Friday, May 20, 2011

Since tomorrow is the end of the world, my family decided this would be a good time to take a weeklong vacation. Where we are going doesnt have an internet connection. So I will be unable to post anything new here. However, ideas have been forming in my head. Thus I will be studying for much of my vacation. Some of the topics I will be looking into are meditation, affirmations, hiking, brainwaves, mind states (as in emotional mindsets) and philosophy. Hopefully I will also get some writing done.
Also because this is a journey I am also taking. I will be doing the things that I talk about and giving my opinion on them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Relaxing: the act of releasing stress. There are as many reasons for choosing to do this as there are methods. In the atmosphere of the modern world, stress has become a problem that is compounded by many factors. Relationships, jobs and unforseen circumstances these are all contributers. Luckily there has been study into relaxation for thousands of years and in all cultures. Thus we have options such as meditation, yoga, sports, and hobbies.

An important factor in relieving stress is understanding why it is there in the first place. Depending on the situation we may be influenced to do things that otherwise are not in our nature. It is important to recognize behaviors, actions and situations that increase our stress levels.

Over the course of this blog it is my intent to explore and experience the many ways people have relieved stress.