Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is my birthday. It isnt something I look forward to every year. The same rituals are performed.
Pick out something for dinner and a dessert. Open presents. This year as in many years in the past
I am unenthusiastic about this event. So I made a couple entirely silly decisions. The first, that the month of June was my birth month therefore the age and actual date no longer matter. Also that the celebration of the birth month makes me feel alot better than dreading a specific date every year.
The second idea, I had some time ago and its worked itself into my day to day life. The birthday minute. Twice a day, the numbers of the month and day show up on our clocks. Why not take a moment and be glad to be alive.

So what I did on my birthday. I had pizza and tiramisu. Took a long nap and was happy that people
cared enough to tell me they were glad I exist.

Edited: Due to making the mistake of posting while tired.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini Post: Thoughts on grieving.

One cannot grieve all ills in the world and be able to live their own life as well. The depth of sadness would be beyond a humans capability. Which is why perhaps we have such short memories. So it is completely fair for a person to grieve of things which occur in their own life. As everyone has a right to their emotion. It is also good to have compassion for others who suffer for we all do in some form or another. However putting all your energy into someone else's misfortune means that you wont be investing enough into your own life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home at last. While to be honest I would have preferred to stay in the small quiet town where I was vacationing. I think that being home will be alright. The house needed alot of gardening work done, so we weeded until last friday. Weeding is strangely theraputic. Maybe its the pulling action which is like ripping away the stress or perhaps it is the repetitive action. In any case as a person who enjoys gardening, it was soothing for me. It rained quite abit there. I enjoyed mugs of tea and listening to the rain. I read several books while I was gone. All of which can be found on amazon. The Key and the name of the key is willingness (Cheri Huber), is a great book from a zen perspective. It focuses alot on the mind states that cause us to become stressed, and also mind states that allow us to look inward. Find an understanding of ourselves. Speaking of finding an understanding, I begun a process that comes from the book Soul Coaching (Denise Linn) which is really focusing on the purification of self in all of its aspects. It is a month long program normally, however Ive decided to allow myself as much time to complete this process as is needed. So I am still very early on in the program. I will give some updates on that from time to time. The other books I read while away are as follows, Finding your own north star (Martha Beck), Saturn Apartments #2 (Hisae Iwaoka) and The Lost Hero (Rick Riordan.) I dont limit myself to any particular genre so I am always finding something to read. Reading for me is a really great way to relax. In a way when reading we become those characters and experience what they are. I find that very interesting, also useful to the learning process. Sometimes learning different things can come from suprising places. A fantasy novel, video game or just observing the scenery go by as you look out a window. Scenery in mind, I do plan to post some photos from my trip. Unfortunatly
my camera is broken. However my mother allowed me to use hers. Very nice of her in my opinion. Well I hope next time I post here I hope to discuss working with plants, and hobbies. Ciao!