Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is my birthday. It isnt something I look forward to every year. The same rituals are performed.
Pick out something for dinner and a dessert. Open presents. This year as in many years in the past
I am unenthusiastic about this event. So I made a couple entirely silly decisions. The first, that the month of June was my birth month therefore the age and actual date no longer matter. Also that the celebration of the birth month makes me feel alot better than dreading a specific date every year.
The second idea, I had some time ago and its worked itself into my day to day life. The birthday minute. Twice a day, the numbers of the month and day show up on our clocks. Why not take a moment and be glad to be alive.

So what I did on my birthday. I had pizza and tiramisu. Took a long nap and was happy that people
cared enough to tell me they were glad I exist.

Edited: Due to making the mistake of posting while tired.

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