Monday, September 12, 2011

Its been awhile.

I went on vacation. Communed with nature. Really needed that. Hiked alot. Spent some time with
my aunt who is an artist. Which really reaffirmed my view of her as a kind and loving person. Not because she gave me a piece of original art. Its just what I saw in her. Had dinner with my other aunt and some other family members and for the first time felt like we were a family. Very strange thing.
Wasnt expect to feel that way.

My sister got engaged. Which while I am happy for her I am slighty jealous. More for the fact that I havent been proposed to. Something I had not realized I wanted.

Plants are doing well my lavender and lemon balm are doing great. Rose is also. Couldnt revive the mint. If I can I will try finding another plant.

Huge tempreture difference between here and where I was on vacation. Having to readjust to the heat.

Apparently a power outage killed most of our food supply. Though how you can have a power outage in just one section of the home I dont know. However I am hopeful that I will be cooking again soon.

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