Sunday, August 14, 2011

So its been awhile...I think. Im not so good with time. Lets see what have I been up to, ah! My mom and I made a nice vase out of a glass bottle. Getting the stickers off of it however is a problem. I put vegetable oil on them and waited over night. didnt work. Oh well, try try again. Most of my plants are doing well. With exceptions being the echincea, chamomile mint and oddly enough one of my cacti. This is the first time Ive had problems with one. I have quite a few succulents and cacti for some reason I find them cute. My aunt went to see the Dalai Lama when he was in Washington DC. She sent me a box full of cool stuff.  It was like my birthday. Cooking alot lately. Since my mother gets quite stressed out from work and my niece. I enjoy cooking there is something so satisfying about creating something and having people truly enjoy it. I am trying to drink more tea. I made a lemon ice tea which I was afraid was going to be overly tart however it was just right. I would like to make some desserts, however most of the house is on a diet.
Well I had better get started on my day.

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