Monday, August 8, 2011

Lately, I have recieved several invitations to movies. I tend not to see movies in the theatre unless it is something that I believe will be improved by being on the big screen. So I am going to review the movies
I have gone to see and also one I rented.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 - I was really really excited about going to see this. However
I feel that many things that were shown in the movie were not needed and the things they did show were not explained clearly. Not to spoil anything but for me the ending was not nearly as exciting or epic as in the book. However, thinking of it as its own movie I find it enjoyable.Very shiny as far as special effects go. Harry the Potter and the Dark Golem of Claymore...gets a Tea Cup Half full. lol.

Captain America - I wasnt so sure that I wanted to see this initially. Not that I have anything against
comics being turned into movies. I do enjoy the action based movies. Anyway to get back to the point.
The actors were great, they gave enough backstory to make sense. Again shiny graphics. Action scenes were well done. At the end of the movie, I felt that this version of Captain America was one that could be believed in. If he was actually real. I give it a full Tea Cup.

Cowboys and Aliens - Another movie I had not expected to see. Excellent cast. Harrison Ford actually seemed to be enjoying acting in this movie. Which is nice. Interesting story though some things should of taken longer to happen. Shiny graphics for the aliens not so much for the cowboys. Some gore. Mainly in the beginning. I always enjoy watching Daniel Craig so that was an added plus. 3/4 full tea cup. Due to odd pacing of one charaters development and the stereoptypes.

Source Code- I rented it off of iTunes. A great suprise to me that I enjoyed it. Very interesting plot involving a pilot who wakes up in another mans body and has to go through the process of living that persons last 8 minutes of life over and over to successfully complete his mission. Nice shine on the graphics. I feel it had good acting. Also that it shows alot of the virtue compassion. Full Cup of Tea.

Well I hope you enjoyed this utterly random movie review. Have a good day.  

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