Friday, July 8, 2011

An example of what I do to relax is growing plants. I have limited space to work with so the plants are all in pots. However, I find that getting to watch a tiny little sprout grow into something magnificent. What is being grown currently is mostly herbs, lemon balm, lavender, peppermint, german chamomile, and anise. First harvests on both the german chamomile and the anise. Currently in the process of drying. Ive successfully made tisanes/herbal teas out of the peppermint and the lemon balm. As I get more herbs, my plan is to begin to make different blends. I also grow some flowers. I have a white rose that has been given the name the snow white by my niece (age 3), also a white peony and another rose much smaller than the white rose it has dark red blooms. I have one tree a cedar that is not large. There once was three, the climate where I live does not suit them. So its been a struggle, I am very grateful to have the one tree doing well. This particular hobby may not suit everybody, though I have found it both relaxing and rewarding.


  1. The herbal teas sound wonderful! Lemon balm is supposed to have some fabulous health benefits too!

  2. Radakia, we have something in common!