Monday, July 18, 2011

One thing that I have found works for calming oneself during a time of depression, is movies. Not just
any movies, these movies have to take you to your happy place. They can be heartwarming or comedic,
as long as they can reduce the feelings of sadness/or stress inside. The movie will fit the bill. For me personally, Miyazaki's films are my happy place and also movies that are silly like Megamind. Children's movies are good for this. Recently, I watched Brother Bear and was suprised at what a good movie it was. With the added plus of cheering up. Many of us have access to movies be it through dvds or the interweb. I rent movies off of Itunes from time to time.

In related news. Harry Potter! I have greatly enjoyed the films (also the books) and have gone out of my way to see them in the theatre. So I am very excited to see this one. I hope there is a movie out their that everyone is looking forward to watching.

Ive been making a lot of iced tea, since it is summer afterall. One tea Ive found to be very refreshing on a really hot day is mint. In the specifics its called mint medley which is something I generally enjoy during the winter season. However after trying a flavored water called Metromint and then realizing it was a difficult to find item. I decided I was going to try and find something similarly refreshing. On a really hot day the mint ice tea really hits the spot. I highly reccomended this to those in warmer climates.

Any suggestions on teas that are refreshing during summer?

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